The Cast Iron Advantage

The Cast Iron Advantage


At the table, dishes stay hot for a long time

The enamelled cast iron warms gradually, accumulates heat evenly and retains it for a long time.


Moist and delicious cooking

Enamelled cast iron is perfect for grilling, sautéing, roasting... and stewing.

After the food has been braised, the water vapour from the stew condenses upon contact with the cooler lid and forms droplets.

These droplets then proceed to evenly and continuously baste the food thanks to the ridges inside the lid.


Compatible with all heat sources

Ultra-smooth enamelled bases prevent scratches on induction hobs


Environmentally friendly

Enamelled cast iron is durable and 100% recyclable.

Furthermore, Chasseur uses locally sourced raw materials.

The entire cost price of the Chasseur casserole comes from France.


Cookware with a lifetime guarantee*

Chasseur is proud of the manufacturing quality of its products

* A lifetime guarantee is offered if the instructions for use and maintenance found in the manual are followed.