Chasseur have been crafting its famous cast iron products in its foundry in the Champagne Ardennes region of France, established in 1924.

Chasseur introduces its NEW cast iron range – GOURMET! Continuing to honour its traditional techniques – the new Gourmet range is produced in individual sand moulds and spray painting the enamel coatings by hand – making each piece unique. The difference is in the lid.

The Lid Difference:

  • Heavier lid seals off the pan to keep the flavour and nutrients in.
  • Recessed lid design can hold cold water or ice while cooking - intensifying the condensation action - keeping the wonderful flavours and moisture trapped inside.
  • Evenly distributed spikes on the inner lid for self-basting effect, keeping your food moist and tender.

Chasseur is made for a lifetime of gourmet cooking pleasure.

made in france


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