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  • Round French Oven Caviar

    Now: $669.01

    The Round French Oven is perfect for slow cooking and simmering - and great for soups and stews! This is your perfect cooking pot to create your winter warming dishes. It's also ideal for searing meat on the stove top before putting in the oven to...

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  • Oval French Oven 27cm/4L Caviar

    RRP: $549.01
    Now: $329.00

    The oval shape of this casserole makes it ideal for cooking a whole chicken or a leg of lamb. It's also best for slow cooking, stews and soups. Its heavy lid with unique concentric rings create a self-basting effect that keeps your food tender and moist...

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  • Round Casserole 30cm/2.5L Caviar

    RRP: $619.00
    Now: $369.00

    The low casserole is very versatile and handy to have in your kitchen. It is a wonderful pot to cook your pasta sauce and complete / serve your pasta dish. Also good for stir frying meat with vegetables, cooking risotto, and even making desserts like...

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  • Fry Pan with Cast Handle 28cm Caviar

    RRP: $329.00
    Now: $199.00

    Cast iron fry pans distribute heat evenly for better cooking results and retains heat effectively while requiring only low to medium cooking temperatures. This is ideal for frying meat, seafood and fish or searing meat on the stove top before putting in...

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  • Square Grill 25cm Caviar

    RRP: $329.00
    Now: $199.00

    The square grills are great for meat, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables and brochettes - giving you professional seared marks and flavour every time. It is also ideal for searing meat before putting in the oven to complete the cooking process. The...

    Out of stock
  • Rectangular Grill 42 x 24cm Caviar

    RRP: $379.01
    Now: $229.00

    The rectangular grills are great for meat, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables and brochettes - giving you professional seared marks and flavour every time. The grooves allow cooking with less oil while the flat corner collects excess oil - which makes...

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  • Rectangular Roasting Pan 40 x 26cm Caviar

    RRP: $429.00
    Now: $259.00

    Use Chasseur's Roasting Pan for your Sunday Roast (or everyday roast for that matter!). Great for meat and vegetables. You can use the roasting pan to caramelise your ingredients on stove top before putting in the oven. It is also beautiful enough to...

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  • Wok Caviar

    RRP: $499.00
    Now: $299.00

    A versatile pot that is suitable for different cooking techniques - including stir frying, steaming, pan frying, deep frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, stewing, making soup, smoking and roasting nuts. The pot includes a glass lid, wooden...

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  • Mug 350ml Caviar & Grey

    RRP: $15.95
    Now: $11.95

    Chasseur mugs are great for hot or cold beverages be it chocolate, coffee or tea. Be creative and serve soups, desserts or smoothies in them. They come in beautiful colours to complement your cast iron collection or as stand-alone pieces. They add a...

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  • Mini Cocotte 10cm diam. x 9cm/300ml Caviar & Grey

    RRP: $29.95
    Now: $22.95

    Great for entertaining, impress your guests by having individual servings of rice, soup and desserts. You can bake your gratin and desserts then directly serve them to the table using the mini cocottes. With the lid, they are ideal for everyday use too,...

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  • Butter Dish Caviar & Grey

    RRP: $52.95
    Now: $39.95

    Breakfast never looks this good when serving your rolls or toasts along with the beautiful Chasseur butter dish. A stick of butter fits snugly in this dish and keeps it covered when in the fridge. They're available in beautiful colours that complement...

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