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Soupe au pistou
(Spring Soup)

You can use your imagination with this soup and change the vegetables to any that you wish to use. 

1 tin of white beans
300g green beans
200g sugar snap peas

1 bunch baby carrots
1 bunch baby asparagus

1 bunch zucchini flowers
1 ltr chicken stock

Salt & pepper

For the pistou 

1 bunch of basil
3 cloves of garlic

50g toasted pine nuts
30g grated Parmesan cheese

200ml olive oil

1) Cook each vegetable in salted boiling water individually then refresh in ice water, reserve
2) Rinse the white beans under cold water, reserve

3) To make the pistou, Crush the basil, garlic, toasted pine nuts and Parmesan into a Mortar and pestle until it forms a paste then add a little olive oil.
4) Bring the chicken stock to the boil and season to your taste

5) Divide all the vegetables between 6 pasta bowls, pour the hot chicken stock over, finishing by drizzling the pistou over the soup and add extra grated Parmesan if you like.