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Squash and goat’s cheese soup
(Soupe de courge et fromage de chèvre)

Serves 6
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes

400g of squash
¾ L of goat’s milk
6 shallots
1 small kale
1 log-shaped French goat’s cheese
40g of half-salted butter
1 teaspoon of turmeric
1 small teaspoon of dry orange peel or the zest of an untreated orange
1 small bunch of parsley
½ a lemon
200ml water
Salt and pepper

Peel the squash and dice it. Pour the goat’s milk into the cast-iron pot and bring it to the boil.

Add the halved shallots, the diced squash, the turmeric and the orange peel, salt and pepper. Cover and leave to simmer for 15 minutes.

Add 25g of butter, half the crumbed goat’s cheese and the juice of half the lemon, then set aside with a lid on.

In the meantime, strip the leaves of the cabbage, take a dozen soft leaves and cut the stem off each, then chop the leaves thinly and place them in a pot with 200ml of water and a pinch of salt.

Bring to the boil, cook for 3 minutes, then leave to cool down and drain, and sauté them in a dish with 15g of butter. Season slightly. Add the chopped parsley and cook on full-heat for 4 to 5 minutes.

Blend the squash and goat’s cheese soup, then serve in separate bowls, adding the sauté cabbage and the rest of the crumbed goat’s cheese in the middle of the bowl.